So- it looks like running client-side Blazor on a 'classic' IIS site as a static page works well! Blazor is starting to become something where someone besides a true, heads-down hard-nosed developer can experiment!

I was excited about Blazor since it really opens up the world of WebAssembly to C# development.  Truth be told, JavaScript just isn't as much fun as it was back when I was learning code.

 I managed to host the default Blazor template on my own site. The initial upload content looks a bit messy with lots of tiny dlls (which surprised me a bit), but the speed of the site is respectable.

My next task is to try and access my web API to see if I can call my image stores.  I'm definitely refactoring my base website to use Blazor, since it's technically an SPA anyway.

You should give it a try here.

The extended list:

  • I have created a database to mirror the Flickr API.  I still need to create the tables to match the photo API.  Once that's done, I'll start writing the ETL process.

  • I plan to add a selector for the Gallery app.  I also need to include links in the page that will take the user back to the original Flickr image.  I also plan to add a Twitter link so a user can add the image to their feed via link.

  • I plan to look into the portability of BI Reports.

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